3 Uncommon Condiments to Keep in Your Kitchen

Uncommon condiments
Photo by cleo stracuzza on Unsplash

When it comes to condiments, we usually tend to stick to the same few ones over and over again. But there is a whole world of condiments out there that you might be missing out on if you’re not willing to step out of your condiment comfort zone and try something new. If you’re open to these uncommon condiments, your culinary life will totally change. Check them out.


Tahini is a Middle Eastern condiment made from ground toasted sesame seeds. It’s one of the main ingredients in hummus but it can also be eaten as a condiment with nearly anything from salads to sandwiches to buddha bowls to soups.

Truffle Oil

Feeling a bit fancy? Keep a bottle of truffle oil around in your kitchen to add to any meal (like pasta, bread, soup, or salad) that you want to feel decadent, rich, and sumptuous.

Kewpie Mayo

Unlike regular mayonnaise, kewpie mayo is creamier and richer, made with egg yolks and rice vinegar. It’s so indulgent, basically like mayo taken to the next level, and it’s a great way to take any dish up a notch that you would usually use regular mayo in.