5 Food Trends Popping Up All Over Social Media

Dessert board
Image via amarosy/depositphotos

We can always count on Instagram and TikTok to deliver when it comes to food trends. While cloud bread and whipped coffee were totally popular last summer, this summer there are some new exciting foods to try. With the plethora of foods on social media, some are tastier than others. These five are the best of the best when it comes to food trends.

Baked Oats

Oatmeal is a breakfast staple, and baked oats are a take on oatmeal. Instead of being mushy, they’re like a cake. Get creative with the flavors combinations like peanut butter and cocoa powder, lemon extract and poppyseeds, and strawberries and vanilla extract.

Folded Wraps

We bet you haven’t had a wrap quite like these before. They start with slicing the tortilla or wrap halfway to the center and then folding it into fourths. All you have to do is add your favorite toppings to each of the four sides and fold it together.

Pesto Eggs

Instead of using vegetable or olive oil to cook eggs, use pesto to give your eggs much more flavor.

Dessert Boards

There always seems to be a new charcuterie board making it’s way onto social media, but dessert boards are the best and they combine pretty much every sweet thing imaginable. Think chocolate, cookies, candies, and cakes.

Twisted Bacon

Twisted bacon may not be groundbreaking, but it sure is delicious. This way of cooking bacon involves twisting bacon into a thin viral shape instead of just lying each strip flat onto a baking sheet. You can fit more onto the sheet and the bacon will be crispier.