Carla Music Shows You How to Make Thanksgiving Stuffing

Thanksgiving dinner is all about a traditional Thanksgiving menu. There are certain staples that you simply shouldn’t skip, including turkey, cranberry sauce, and gravy. We’re not saying you shouldn’t be creative with your Thanksgiving meal, as it’s always a good idea to make the traditional dishes with a twist. When it comes to stuffing, Carla Music has the perfect recipe for you.

“I think in general with the stuffing, simple is best,” Music says in the video published by Bon Appétit. She explains that the recipe she shares with us was developed by food stylist Victoria Granof, “who, in her own right, is a legend, a living legend, look her up.” 

Music starts by cutting a day-old bread in two, but instead of dicing it into cubes, she tears it into uneven pieces. Even though we call the dish stuffing, she explains, it’s actually a dressing because we don’t actually use it to stuff the bird. 

After drying the bread in the oven for an hour, she proceeds with the recipe.