3 Signs You Should Look for a Replacement for Your Cutting Board

Cutting board
Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash

No kitchen is complete without a good-quality cutting board, but there comes a moment when you should replace it. Like all kitchen tools, cutting boards come with an expiration date, and here are three signs you should pay attention to and look for a new board if you notice them.

Cleanup Process

New cutting boards are pretty easy to clean, but things can get difficult as the years go by. If you’re struggling to properly wash your cutting boards because it has too many scratches and water spots, it’s simply not worth your effort and time.

Major Damage

Grooves and deep scratches are also a sign that your cutting board is past its expiration date. Their unappealing exterior isn’t their only downside and it’s the least of your problems. They’re also a breeding ground for bacteria because they’re trapping moisture inside their cuts, and that’s reason enough to look for a replacement.

Wooden or Plastic

The process of replacing wooden cutting boards is quite different from replacing plastic boards. Plastic boards are beyond saving once the damage has been done, and replacing them comes cheap. When it comes to wooden cutting boards, you can always try sanding the surface instead of throwing them away.