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Lemon Drop Is The Freshest Cocktail To Try

Lemon drop is one of the most iconic cocktails that you should definitely try. This recipe is so easy that you can make it in less than 5 minutes. It's meant for 1...

Coconut Squares Are A Fast, Easy Sweet Recipe

These coconut squares are so tasty and easy to prepare! The total cooking time is 30 minutes and you will get 20 bars. Ingredients

Chicken Kiev Is A Unique Way To Serve Your Chicken

Although chicken Kiev is recognizable for Ukraine and Russia, this dish is also served all around the world. Ingredients 6 small...

You Will Never Go Back After You’ve Made This 2 Ingredient Date Syrup

Date syrup is an awesome vegan substitute for sugar and sweeteners when you're baking, but it also just tastes so darn good on bread, fruit, and more. Making it is super simple and...

These Homemade Spanish Churros are To Die For

Churros are a magnificent Spanish dessert that is somewhere between a choux pastry and a donut. They are crunchy, soft in the middle, and all-around satisfying. Making them at home is actually really...

Salami Chips Will Be the Hit of Your Next Party

We all know how addicting potato chips can be, but wait until you try salami chips! They are a snack that has way fewer carbs but are equally crispy and salty as your...

Buffalo Chicken Burgers are Fast, Easy, and Delicious!

What's better than buffalo chicken wings with blue cheese dressing? A buffalo chicken burger! These burgers are super easy to make, really flavorful, and will feed a crowd.

You Have To Try These Delicious Iced Biscuits

Iced biscuits should be your go-to dessert of choice for special events and holidays. With this recipe you can make them in 45 minutes.

Making Classic Homemade Pancakes is Easier Than You Think!

Pancakes are an American breakfast staple and one of the country's most delicious contributions to the world culinary scene. What you may not know, however, is that pancakes are incredibly...

These Arabic Cabbage Rolls are Vegan and Scrumptious!

Malfouf, or cabbage rolls, are a delicious and vegan way to have a super flavorful meal that is sure to satisfy your hunger! Recipe


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