Coffee & Drinks

Pumpkin spice coffee

This One Tip Will Elevate Your Pumpkin Spiced Coffee

We might not be in the fall season, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy some of the most delicious drinks that autumn has to offer. Fans of pumpkin pie spice coffee wouldn't...
Ice coffee recipe

Check Out This Practical Ice Coffee Recipe For Daily Life

There are countless ice coffee recipes out there, but this one will help you out in a way that actually matters. When you're at work, you don't have time to mess around with...
Plant-based milk

Plant-Based Milk Can Have Excessive Amounts of Sugar

If you stop by a coffee shop chain for a hot cup of your favorite coffee and pick a plant-based milk option instead of dairy, know that it may contain a lot more...
Don't drink these after a workout

3 Things Not to Drink After Working Out

After you finish a workout, sometimes all your body craves is a refreshing beverage. Just be careful with what you drink during this time! Here are three drinks to avoid after a workout.
Brazilian guarana

Give These Brazilian Guarana Soft Drinks a Try!

Have you ever been to Brazil before? If you've spent any time in this South American country, you'll undoubtedly be familiar with the love that Brazilians have for guarana, a plant that produces...
Margarita additions

Try Making Spicy Margaritas With These Additions

One of our favorite ways of putting an extra kick into our Mexican-inspired dinners is to make a special type of margarita. Instead of preparing the traditional sweet and sour margaritas that are...
Wine and cheese

Your Handy Guide to Pairing Cheese and Wine Like a Pro

Nothing says you have your life together quite like knowing which wine pairs with which cheese. The classic combination has been around for centuries and practically screams class—although in a very subtle, elegant...
Types of coffee

Try These Unique Coffee Preparation Methods

Depending on where you’re from in the world, you're probably used to just one or two coffee preparation methods. Whether it’s espresso machines or drip coffee makers, you probably have a preferred coffee-making...
Benefits to drinking water

With the Days Heating Up, Here Are 4 Benefits to Drinking Water

As we get ready to prepare for the steamy summer months, it's about that time to talk about the importance of drinking water. Yes, we know you've probably heard from your second cousin...
A mug of coffee with a glass of water

Why You Should Drink Water While Drinking Coffee

In many European cities, it's common for waiters to serve customers a cup of water with their cappuccino. This isn't just because they're trying to be fancy. There's actually a scientific reason why...


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