3 Useful Tips for Making Caesar Salad Extra Healthy

Ceasar salad with tomatoes
Photo by Alina Chernysheva on Unsplash

Salads are seen as synonymous with healthy eating, but some of them aren’t as healthy as we’d like to believe. That happens to be the case with the iconic Caesar salad, often topped with not-so-healthy dressings and toppings, but these useful tips can help you make it a little bit healthier.

Dressing Choice

The creamy Caesar dressing is one of the main reasons why this salad tastes delicious—but it’s also the main reason why it’s not as healthy as you think. Since this add-in happens to be high in cholesterol and saturated fat, you should try making your own or at least look for a low-fat or vegan version.

Go Vegan

Speaking of switching to vegan dressing, how about making the rest of your salad plant-based, as well? You can easily ditch grilled chicken and bacon, two common Caesar salad ingredients, and replace Parmesan with plant-based cheese.

Choice of Toppings

Even if you don’t decide to go vegan with your Caesar, at least tread lightly when picking your toppings. Sticking to chicken is a good idea because it’s a good source of protein, but you should probably ditch bacon and switch to homemade croutons.