4 Amazing Things to Do With Beets

There are tons of awesome recipes using this nutritious root vegetable. It adds vibrant color and tons of health benefits to whatever dish it’s included in. Here are some awesome ways to include more beets in your diet.


Our favorite Italian dumplings get a splash of gorgeous purple with this delicious roasted beet. This works as the perfect romantic meal for you and your loved one or a sure show-stopper to feed guests at an event.


Just when you thought there was no way to make hummus any tastier, beet hummus came along. Roasted beets make classic hummus even creamier, sweeter and healthier. Add a spoonful to a salad or serve it as a beautiful spread for veggies and pita.


Pizza is already stunning on its own. But when a few roasted beets are thrown into the homemade crust to give it a gorgeous magenta color and earthy flavor, you just won’t be able to take your eyes off it.


It’s not only salty recipes that really benefit from beets. Brownies made with beets are fudgy and full of healthy nutrients. Your kids won’t taste the difference!