5 Street Food Capitals Around The World—And What To Order When You Arrive

Photo by David Schiersner/Flickr

Around the globe, street food represents some of the most innovative and classic dishes of our time. If you want to taste the best food this world has to offer, travel to these five cities and find the busiest food stand there is.

Food Fusion in L.A.

In L.A., you’ll find more than fame and beauty. L.A. is the pioneer of innovative street foods in America. You can find food trucks that serve nearly anything, but the best food is found in the areas where cultures blur together. For instance, the Kogi food truck combines Korean barbecue flavors with Mexican dishes. Fans say that the Short Rib Taco, with caramelized short ribs, a Mexican and Korean salsa roja, relish, and special Kogi slaw, is the best of the best.

Every day, the truck’s location changes and the address is tweeted out, so you’ll have to track the truck down fast—the lines can stretch for blocks.

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The Must-Haves of Germany

You can’t travel to Berlin, Germany without trying out some of their famous street foods. Grab a beer and find a food truck or tent that sells Currywurst, pictured here, a classic pork sausage with loads of curry ketchup. Grab a second beer and keep your eye out for a doner kebab, which is a kebab with shaved rotisserie meat served with veggies and bread.

Photo by David Schiersner/Flickr

Get What You Like In Tokyo, Japan

You’ve had sushi, so it’s time to try something new. In Tokyo, Japan, try okonomiyaki pancakes. Okonomiyaki means “what you like,” so you can get anything you want on top of pancakes made out of flour, egg, water, and cabbage.

Whether you get pork, octopus, or grilled vegetables, make sure to top it off with some Japanese mayo (it tastes like American mayo, but it’s made with just eggs and apple cider vinegar). Wash it down with a cold brew from a beer vending machine—yes, they have those.

Hot And Spicy In Thailand

On the streets of Bangkok, you’ll find people both rich and poor gathering together to eat the best food in Thailand. Along the street, small restaurants are set up to serve simple dishes with strong flavors. The most popular dish here is Tom Yum Soup, a hot and sour soup with vegetables, lemon grass, prawns, peppers, and a spice called galangal.

You can also keep it even more simple by going with a chicken and rice dish called khao man gai, or try some of the local favorites which include aromatic curries and pork skewers.

Image by Richard Giles/Flickr

Sweets And Beauty In A Morrocan City

In Marrakesh, Morrocco, you’ll find beautiful, fresh markets accompanied by disappearing food stalls. They set up at different times and locations, but your best bet is to try to catch them around dinner time. You can try local favorites like sheep head, spicy sardines, and snail soup.

Don’t fill up too fast, though. Moroccans are known for their sugary sweets, so make sure to grab some dessert. Start with a Moroccan favorite called Kaab el ghzal, which is a pastry made with almond paste and sugar.