5 Tips to Curb “Hangry” Sugar Cravings

Photo by Natalia Dworniak on Unsplash

“Hanger” — a deadly state in which you get angry on account of hunger — is a real phenomenon that plagues us all from time to time (or for some of us, on the daily). Hanger is an especially cruel beast when it comes from cutting down on sugar, which many of us are likely trying to accomplish following indulging in sweets and treats for the winter holidays.

If you’re trying to lighten your sugar intake and not go crazy from doing so, consider the following tips to curb potential hungry sugar cravings:

Berry smoothie

Make a berry smoothie to get your daily dose of natural, earthy sweets.

Long-term Goals

Keep your eyes on the long-term prize, and your cravings should naturally subside after 2-3 weeks of a low/no sugar diet.


Add adoptogens to your morning smoothie cocktail for a range of healthy benefits.

Oh Honey

Add honey to your morning coffee to get an initial dose of sweetener that’ll tame your sugar levels for the day.

Bake with natural sweeteners