A Caesar is the Canadian Bloody Mary You Need

If you can’t imagine having a brunch without your beloved Bloody Mary, just wait until you taste a Caesar. A Caesar is the Canadian version of a Blood Mary, and it’s even better and more savory than the American favorite.

Clamato juice is really what makes this drink different, because it’s a combination of tomato juice with some dried clam broth in it. It might sound weird, but somehow it works.

So if you have a brunch potluck coming up, or just want to hang out outside with your friends, this is the drink to make.


  1. If you’re making it just for you and a friend, start by rimming a glass with lemon or lime and dipping it into some celery salt.
  2. Pour in Clamato juice into a glass so it’s about 3/4 of the way full.
  3. Measure out a shot of vodka and pour that in, as well as a big splash of Worcestershire sauce.
  4. If you like it spicy, put in a few good dashes of Tabasco, and if not, just one or two will do.
  5. Finish it with lime juice, black pepper, and a pinch of salt.
  6. Stick a stalk of celery in to use as a mixer and a garnish, and cheers!

If you want to make a big pitcher of this drink, just increase the quantities to suit the number of guests you’re having.