Avoid These Common Mistakes When Making Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread cookies
Photo by Kelsey Weinkauf on Unsplash

Gingerbread cookies are one of the timeless symbols of the holiday season, and Christmas simply wouldn’t be the same without them. It takes some time to master your own recipe for this festive treat, and you can make them perfectly delicious by avoiding these common mistakes.

No Patience

Making gingerbread cookies may not be rocket science, but it requires a little bit of patience. You won’t be able to get it right if you’re trying to speed things up. It takes some time for all the ingredients to solidify once you’re done making your dough, so it’s important to refrigerate it for at least two hours instead of making your cookies right away.

Baking Time

After chilling your dough, it’s time to cut the dough and bake the cookies, but these steps leave a lot of room for mistakes. Baking can be a huge problem if your temperature is too high. Stick to 325°F so the cookies wouldn’t burn down and make sure to leave enough room between them so they wouldn’t stick together.

Quick Icing

By this point, you’ve probably realized that making gingerbread cookies requires a lot of patience. Even after they’re done baking, you shouldn’t speed up the decorating process. Let your cookies cool down first so the icing wouldn’t melt.