Chaffle is the Keto Waffle That Will Change Your Life

We bet you’ve never imagined that you can eat waffles while following a keto diet! However, there’s a way to re-introduce waffles into your life, as long as you’re willing to adjust the ingredients. Chaffle – the egg and cheese waffle – is actually the laziest keto recipe we found so far and the result is so delicious that you won’t miss real waffles for a second!

In order to make your own chaffles, you only need two ingredients: eggs and cheese. You can use any type of grated cheese you like. You don’t even need to measure the ingredients. Just beat the eggs and add enough cheese to make a thick batter, similar to pancake batter. Pour into preheated waffle maker and cook for 6-8 minutes.

The best thing about chaffles is that you can top them with all kinds of ingredients, sweet or savory. Bacon is one great addition, but so is tuna or the combination of cinnamon and stevia for the sweet version.

Make your own chaffles and start experimenting with toppings!