Check Out Poland’s Favorite Sausages

If there is a country on Earth that can consider itself to be the world capital of sausages, it might just be Poland. This land, sandwiched between Central and Eastern Europe, is undoubtedly full of delicious tubular meat creations.

Looking to try Poland’s favorite sausages? Keep an eye out for these picks, which are all Polish favorites.


You aren’t squeamish, are you? If not, you are certain to take a liking to Krupniok, a popular blood sausage that contains pig meat and intestines, pig blood, marjoram, black pepper, and its special secret ingredient, buckwheat.


Kabanosy is a sausage that is dried and distributed in long, narrow links. Poland has long loved this sausage for its versatility, as its dried, ready-to-eat nature made it a favorite in lean times and during armed conflicts. This sausage can be made with pork, chicken, or turkey.


The city of Krakow in southeastern Poland is where this delicious sausage was born. Served normally sliced as a cold cut, Krakowska sausage is made with smoked pork that has been flavored with garlic, pepper, allspice, and coriander. It is perfect with a pint of cold Polish beer.