Check out Some of the World’s Most Interesting Meatballs

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

Meatballs are a food staple that is common in many diets. Foodies from different countries put their own spin on the dish, altering it to reflect local ingredients and difference in tastes.

You can find lots of unique meatball varieties throughout the world. Here are some of the neatest.

Swedish Meatballs (Sweden)

Swedish meatballs are known worldwide, thanks largely to furniture chain IKEA. They are made with ground beef and served with lingonberry jam and mashed potatoes. The perfect dish to combat a cold winter day.

Bitterballen (Netherlands)

The most popular Dutch version of meatballs are, believe it or not, actually fried! Bitterballen are very similar to regular meatballs, with the exception that they’re breaded and fried. They are a popular snack in the Netherlands.

Lion’s Head (China)

Lion’s head meatballs are popular in the Chinese city of Shanghai. They’re made with ground pork and water chestnuts. These give the meatballs a unique crunch and a distinctly Chinese touch.

Tsukune (Japan)

The Japanese chicken meatball is a popular snack and street food. Typically served on a wooden skewer, they’re coated with a sweet soy sauce and are generally prepared on a charcoal grill.