Cucumbers are a Chef’s Best Friend

Photo by Charles 🇵🇭 on Unsplash

If you ask me, cucumbers are definitely one of the most underrated veggies around. Outside of their cool, crisp texture, they add a dose of flavor and color to any vegetable-based dish that you might find yourself making.

Cucumbers come from a plant that is a member of the gourd family, a group that includes other vegetables such as squash, pumpkin, zucchini, and even watermelon. They grow on vines and are even easily to cultivate at home if you’re thinking about setting up your own home garden.

Outside of more technical characteristics, it’s important to remember just how versatile cucumbers are and how many recipes they can be used in. In fact, using them in recipes goes past one way that they can be enjoyed. There’s nothing more that I enjoy on a summer day than a simple sliced cucumber with a bit of salt and pepper!

But if you don’t want to be simple, it’s definitely worth remembering that cucumbers can be used in recipes as varied as gazpacho to salads. Its bright green skin can turn a salad from dull to exciting, and it’s great with onions, sour cream and white wine vinegar in a simple summer salad.

In short, cucumbers allow for all kinds of improvisation and they’re a great ingredient to get to know if you’re a home cook. Dive into the world of cucumbers and find out just how exciting they can be!