Delicious Ideas For Your Margarita Rim

Ah, can you feel that? Spring is just around the corner, promising warmer temperatures, sunny days, and being able to sip a drink outside on the patio after leaving the cold winter behind.

One of our favorite warm-weather drinks is a margarita, a citrus and tequila-based drink that originates from the country of Mexico. We love lining the rim of our margaritas with certain ingredients that add a special flavor touch to them, and there are my suggestions for three that you will love.

Kosher Salt

The classic and most popular rim lining on a margarita is kosher salt, which works to increase the intensity and the savory nature of the drink by imbuing its citrus flavors with greater depth and clarity.

Chile and Lime

Want to kick things up a notch? Why not add a little bit of chili powder and lime peel to the rim of your margarita glass? Citrus and heat work together brilliantly, and this is a great way to put a unique twist on your drink.

Hot Sauce

That’s right: if used in moderation, a small dose of hot sauce such as Cholula or Valentina can provide an exciting jolt of spiciness to your margarita, which works especially well if you use ingredients such as ancho chile bitters in your personal recipe.