Did You Know That Your Yogurt Probably Comes Packed with Sugar?

Photo by Sara Cervera on Unsplash

Up until recently, we believed that pretty much any supermarket yogurt is a good choice. You pick it up and eat it when you feel like it or when you don’t have time to prepare anything else. But it turns out that most yogurts are packed with sugar and not as healthy as we thought.

As people started realizing this, the yogurt manufacturers started coming up with more and more kinds to offer to consumers, and now there’s an impossible choice in front of us every time we go to the grocery store. Nutrition labels on the packaging reveal that some yogurt, even the organic ones, have more sugar than a can of Coca-Cola.

According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, most yogurts (out of 900 products included in the research) contain more than 10 percent sugar. This means they have at least 4 teaspoons in 5oz yogurt packaging! 

How did this happen? While natural yogurt contains nothing but fermented milk, the companies making it wanted to increase sales so they basically made what people wanted. Yogurts today come with many different flavors and are way less healthy than we typically believe. Keep that in mind the next time you’re in a grocery store.