Do You Actually Need an Air Fryer?

Should you get an air fryer?
Image via gonzalocallefotografia/depositphotos

Air fryers are among the most popular appliances right now, but do you know how they work? Do you actually need one and what food can you make in it?

Understanding Air Fryers

The first thing you should know is that air fryers don’t actually fry, they cook the food you put into a perforated basket with hot air. The air force and high temperature make food cook and brown, giving an effect similar to baking.

There are some foods you can’t cook in it, such as onion rings and other foods dipped in liquid batter since the batter will drip through the basket holes. Donuts are out, too.

Going Deeper

People often believe that food prepared in an air fryer is healthier, but is this really true? While most cooking oils are pretty healthy, the only difference the air fryer makes is the number of calories, but it may not be as many calories as you believe. When properly cooked, deep-fried foods don’t absorb a lot of oil, and all you’re left is around 40 calories more per 4-ounce serving, which is honestly not too much.

It’s up to you, of course, but if you want to keep your expectations realistic, it’s important to get as much info as possible before making a decision.