Easter Treats from Around the Globe

Easter is just around the corner, with this important Christian religious holiday being celebrated on Sunday, April 12th this year. Easter is a season of all kinds of treats throughout the Christian world, with the celebration often being celebrated by means of food.

Want to check out some of the most interesting bites that are served during the Easter season throughout the world? Here are three, from three different continents, that are enormously popular.

Torta Pascualina: Argentina and Uruguay

The Torta Pascualina is a type of quiche that is served in Argentina and Uruguay during the Easter season. Consisting primarily of spinach and ricotta cheese, this pastry is also filled with sections of hard-boiled eggs.

Kulich: Russia and Ukraine

Russia and Ukraine do it up big for Orthodox Easter celebrations, with the consumption of a cake known as “kulich” being especially important. This dessert, which is similar to the Italian “Pannetone” inconsistency, is drizzled with white icing before being eaten.

Capirotada: Mexico

In northern Mexico, the Capirotada is as typical of the Easter season as it gets. This sweet, rich dessert is similar to bread pudding, consisting of rum-soaked bread that is baked with other ingredients like raisins, apples, dates, and nuts.