Easy Ways to Make Your Pasta Dishes Healthier

If you’re a pasta lover, but you want to make your pasta dishes a little healthier, there are plenty of ways to do it! Here are three good ones to start with, but you can also adapt them to make them your own.

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Właśnie za to uwielbiam ketozę. Nie tylko za aspekty zdrowotne, ale za to pyszne jedzenie, na które kiedyś patrzyłem jak na niezdrowe lub zbyt kaloryczne 🥓🥚 2 słowa- Mac&Cheese 👌 Dorwałem ostatnio makaron niskowęglowodanowy (W Lidlu) z soczewicy. W 100g coś koło 20g węgli więc jako tako. Składniki: 50g makaronu 150g sera chedar 20g śmietany 36% 10g masła 20g salami Makaron wsyp do małego rondelka, zalej wodą tak żeby go przykryć. Ugotuj na średnim ogniu aż zostanie bardzo mało wody. W tym czasie w drugim rondelku roztop masło, dorzuć tarty chedar, a gdy się roztopi dolej śmietanę. Dokładnie wymieszaj i wsyp do całości ugotowany makaron. Delikatnie zredukuj. W tym czasie podsmaż salami, aby było chrupiące, posiekaj na puder lub zblenduj i dosyp do makaronu z serem. Wymieszaj i gotowe 👌 ENG That's why I love ketosis. Not only because of health benefits, but the food. The food that I used to perceive as unhealthy or caloric. 🥓🥚 Two words – Mac&Cheese 👌 I found a lentil pasta and I thought – why not 🤔 only like 20g of carbs/100g Ingredients: Lentil pasta 50g Cheddar 150g Heavy cream 20g Butter 10g Salami 20g Put the pasta into a pot, pour in some water just to cover the pasta. Boil it until there is very little liquid inside. Meanwhile, in another pot, melt that butter, add your cheddar and when it's melted and combined with butter add that cream. Mix it well and add the pasta. Fry that salami on a dry pan and chop it to make salami powder. Put it into the Mac&Cheese pot and mix it. Ready to eat! #keto #ketoza #dietaketo #ketogenicdiet #dietaketogeniczna #ketodinner #mac&cheese #ketomac&cheese #lentilpasta #lowcarb #lowcarbpasta #chedar #cheddar #lowcarbhighfat #lchf #salami #salamipowder @ketomagazyn @keto_faza @keto.mania

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Type of Pasta

Nowadays, there are so many different varieties of pasta that are much more nutritious than the standard white-flour pasta. Get your protein up with lentil-based pasta or any other legume-based pasta so you can at least be getting some protein in your meal without even knowing it!


Vegetables are so easy to incorporate into pasta, besides just tomatoes. Blanche some asparagus with the pasta water, take them out and chop them up before adding them into a pesto dish! Or, saute tons of mushrooms and garlic before adding them into a red sauce, toss in the pasta, and there you go!


Adding healthy ingredients to a sauce-like pesto is so easy. You can even do it with store-bought pesto! All you need to do is add it into a food processor with the greens of your liking, like spinach or kale, and then use that as your pasta sauce. Secret built-in veggies for the win!