Elizabeth Tamny’s Cookies Look Almost Too Good to Eat

Elizabeth Tamny – or simply Liz – makes these adorable cookies that are almost too pretty to be eaten. Luckily, she takes photos of them and posts them on her Instagram page, so her designs are forever preserved.

“I’m interested in technique, not really into aesthetics,” Chicago Reader quotes Tamny as saying.

“My stuff probably looks the most on occasion like the eastern European ladies out there doing traditional work—especially calligraphy and illustration and the needlework patterns. I love patterns and simple graphic palettes.

“And—this is a difference from some styles—I don’t use molds, patterns, stencils, or fancy cutters, anything like that. I just want to draw or doodle and make everything myself.

“I plan on incorporating more lettering. I’m incredibly picky about that as a calligrapher, and it’s like learning to letter all over again, using icing and a bag instead of a pen—totally different physics. Quite challenging in some ways.”

Scroll down to see her work.