Get the Tastiest and Juiciest Chicken Breasts By Avoiding These Common Mistakes

Photo by Mark DeYoung on Unsplash

Almost anyone can cook chicken breasts. However, cooking tasty and juicy chicken breasts is an art form. Do you want to know what that art is actually all about? Avoid making these common mistakes. 

Using Cold Chicken Breasts

Cold chicken breasts lead to longer cooking time and a greater chance for uneven cooking. If you take chicken breasts out of the fridge, leave them at a kitchen counter for 20 to 30 minutes to allow them to come to room temperature. They will cook faster and more evenly this way.

Trying to Cook Chicken Breasts in One Piece

Chicken breasts are usually big, meaning that they can have a hard time cooking evenly. While the inside is being cooked, the outside is likely already burning. This is why you should slice the chicken breasts into thinner pieces before cooking them. You can alternatively flatten them out.

Forgetting to Marinate and Season

You can just marinate your chicken, just season it, or do both. But if you fail to do either one, you will end up with bland chicken that will not taste as close as good as it could have.

Not Using a Thermometer

A thermometer is your trusty sidekick in cooking chicken. It will allow you to monitor the internal temperature of the chicken and avoid overcooking it. The temperature you are aiming for is 165F.