Good Meals to Freeze for Later

Meals to freeze later
Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

One of the best things about the modern home freezer is that it allows us to save food more or less indefinitely. Whether you have leftovers or you just like to make your food ahead of time, freezing some meals is a great way to store prepared food long-term. If you do, you’ll have some food ready to go if you’re ever out of ingredients or time–all you need is a way to heat it up. Here are some of the best meals to freeze.

Stews and Dals

Often if you make dal with lentils or any other kind of stew, you’ll be making a big pot. That means you’ll have lots of leftovers, which you might not feel like eating all week long. In this case this is a meal that heats back up perfectly–just freeze in a plastic container (NOT glass–it will shatter in the cold) and heat in a pot when you want to eat it. The one thing to keep in mind is that these dishes often include potatoes and chunks of potato often don’t reheat well, so consider skipping them if you can.

Breaded Chicken

Breaded and fried foods like schnitzel or breaded tofu are particularly good for freezing because they get crispy and yummy when reheated in the oven. They are also good for freezing because they are individual pieces, so you can take out and heat up exactly how much you like.

Cooked Vegetables

You can buy frozen vegetables if you like, but freezing them is even better for a few reasons. If you’ve got time to cook, you can cook exactly the vegetables you like with the spices and flavors you like. It’s also cheaper to buy vegetables and cook them yourself than to buy them frozen. You can then warm them back up in the oven or put them into other meals you’re cooking without waiting around for them to cook through.