Green Bananas? No Problem! You Can Do This with Them

Green bananas can be a real pain.

When you buy a bunch of green bananas at the supermarket, the assumption is that they’ll eventually ripen. And they usually do. However, we all know the occasional frustration of a batch of green bananas that simply will not ripen.

So, if you have a bunch of green bananas and you think that you have nothing to do with them, here are some ideas to use them in your kitchen.

Mashed Bananas

One great idea for using green bananas is to boil them, mash them, and add olive oil. This makes a delicious, starchy side dish that’s actually quite similar to mashed potatoes. You’ll be surprised at how good they are.

Banana Chips

You can also slice up green bananas into “chips,” fry them in oil, and dust them with salt in order to make a tasty batch of homemade banana chips. This is a common treat in lots of places, including Latin America.

Add Banana to a Veggie-Based Smoothie

If you’re going to have a “green” or veggie-based smoothie, don’t be afraid to add green banana for a touch of sweetness! The flavor won’t overwhelm the smoothie, but it’s a healthier alternative to adding more sugary flavoring ingredients.