Here are Some of Mexico’s Best Hot Sauces

Photo: sebastianponce75/Instagram

Mexico has a rich tradition of spicy and smoky foods.

If you go to a Mexican restaurant, you have to be prepared to try a wide variety of burning hot sauces, salsas, and dishes that are as delicious as they are spicy.

Here are some of the top Mexican hot sauces that one can find and add to give a kick to your next dish.


Cholula is a tasty and well-rounded hot sauce that is spicy, but not too hot. This sauce is produced in Jalisco, Mexico and is made out of arbol and piquin peppers, giving it its characteristic red color.


While Tapatio isn’t exactly from Mexico, but rather from Mexican immigrants that began to produce this sauce in California, it’s the least hot of these options, but its rich red pepper flavor adds a smoky bite to any dish.

El Yucateco

El Yucateco is known for its characteristic green color, which comes from the extra spicy habanero peppers that are used in its production. Use this sauce sparingly if your taste buds aren’t used to heat!


Valentina is the last on this list, but definitely not the least. Produced in Guadalajara, it’s a citrusy, spicy sauce that adds an interesting tangy hot flavor. It’s especially great with seafoods like shrimp tacos.