How to Take Your Chocolate Chip Cookies to the Next Level

Chocolate chip cookies
Photo by Shakti Rajpurohit on Unsplash

You don’t have to be a baking pro to make chocolate chip cookies, but it takes some skill to make them perfectly delicious. If you feel your cookies are missing something, these three useful tips will help you take them to the next level.

Milk vs. Dark Chocolate

Milk and dark chocolate both have their pros and cons, and it’s difficult to decide which one to add to your cookies. If you find yourself facing this dilemma, consider mixing them together to get the best of both worlds. Adding some white chocolate to the mix is also an option.


Teardrop-shaped chocolate chips, such as Hershey’s Kisses, are a common ingredient in chocolate chip cookies, but using them is not a must. Chopping your own chocolate is a great alternative because the chocolate will melt much better and you’ll be the one choosing the size of chocolate chunks.

Flavor Bonanza

If chocolate chips are the only thing you’re adding to your cookie dough, you’re doing it wrong. Making classic chocolate chip cookies is all fun and games, but you should also consider experimenting with other flavors. You can add everything from peanut butter and caramel to nuts and dried fruits to your dough and make your cookies truly shine.