How to Use an Entire Grapefruit

Photo by Anna Wlodarczyk on Unsplash

There’s nothing quite like using produce to the maximum!


People underestimate how much the peel matters in all forms of cooking. If you’re making a vinaigrette, you can use a microplane to zest in a little bit to add that extra bright flavor. Or, you can zest it into your favorite cakes and icings. You can also use a vegetable peeler to make bigger slices and use that as the garnish to a cocktail.


Grapefruit juice on its own is so delicious and tart, the perfect afternoon pick me up or morning treat, You can also use the juice to make salad dressings for savory salads or even fruit salads. Combine the juice with icing sugar and you have a simple fruity glaze to cakes, muffins and other baked goods, and mix some juice with tequila and you have a gorgeous cocktail.


The meat of the grapefruit is so juicy and perfect, which is why it’s such a favorite for breakfast. But, to spice it up, throw it into a salad with arugula and goat cheese and watch it sing. Or, use it as the star of a citrus and fennel salad!