If You Love Thai Food, This Instagram is for You

Thai food has become one of the most popular varieties of international food recently.

Renowned for its fresh ingredients, seasonal vegetables, and interplay between sweet and spicy, the food that comes from Thailand has become beloved around the globe for its uniqueness.

If you love Thai food and you’re looking for inspiration to make Thai meals in your own kitchen, you have to follow @thaifoodlover on Instagram.

The genius behind this useful account is Nammi Nami, a woman from Thailand who grew up eating and preparing the food that she shows on her account. All of the dishes shared by her are prepared in her own kitchen.

You will find all kinds of Thai dishes on her page, from classic favorites such as curry dishes to more unique dishes, like this spicy vermicelli and prawns salad. Doesn’t it look fantastic?

While some of the dishes posted on @thaifoodlover don’t include the specific recipe for the dish, you’ll often find the recipe listed in the image’s caption. For example, this recipe for spicy and sour chili seafood sauce that she shared looks absolutely heavenly.

In short, this Instagram is a must-follow for any lover of Thai food. Check it out today!