Make the Most Delicious Smashed Potatoes in Three Short Steps

Smashed potatoes
Image by LiudmylaChuhunova/Depositphotos

The list of delicious dishes you can make with potatoes is pretty much endless, and smashed potatoes is one of the very best. It takes time to master your recipe for this dish, and if you need some help to make it extra-delicious, these useful tips are just the thing you need.

Choose the Right Potatoes

Different kinds of potatoes work better for certain types of dishes, and your smashed potatoes will be much more delicious if you pick the right one. You should opt for waxy verities, such as Yukon gold, and go with smaller or medium potatoes unless you want to cut them in half.

Prepping Your Potatoes

You shouldn’t peel your potatoes when making this dish because leaving the skin on will make them extra crispy. Your potatoes should be boiled first because they’re much easier to smash this way, but you can also steam dry them to take the crispiness to the next level.

Extra Ingredients

Baking smashed potatoes as they are is always an option but you can make them extra delicious by using some additional ingredients. A touch of oil or butter is a must, but you should also consider adding some garlic and thyme to the mix to take their flavor to the next level.