Make Your Pumpkin Pies as Healthy as Possible in 3 Short Steps

Pumpkin pie
Photo by Diliara Garifullina on Unsplash

Pumpkin pies are one of the ultimate fall desserts and this season simply wouldn’t be the same without them. If you love them as much as the rest of us but want to put a healthy twist on them this holiday season, this brief guide will help you improve your go-to recipe.

Homemade Crust

Pumpkin pie crust isn’t necessarily unhealthy, but there’s always room for improvement. Making your own leaves you in control of all the ingredients being used, so you can ditch highly processed flour and replace dairy milk with a plant-based version if your recipe includes milk.

Choice of Sweeteners

When trying to make your pumpkin pie a little bit sweeter, you’ll probably reach for white or brown sugar because most recipes call for it. Luckily, you can easily replace them with natural sweeteners such as honey and maple syrup, which both happen to be healthier and much more delicious. Also try to cut on sugar-rich toppings, such as whipped cream.

Pumpkin Purée

Most people use canned pumpkin purée when making this dessert to speed things up, but this is a huge mistake. Canned products often contain artificial sugars and flavorings, so it’s best to buy all-natural pumpkin purée or just get a pumpkin and blend it on your own for the best possible result.