Mei Yee is the Queen of Picture-Perfect Matcha Cake

If you’re a huge fan of picture-perfect vegan desserts, Mei Yee is probably one of your favorite food bloggers. Her Instagram page is filled with colorful sweet treats, and many of them owe their vibrant color to matcha powder—including these five delicious plant-based cakes.

Matcha Cake

If you want to start your matcha-baking journey with a basic recipe, this matcha cake is the foundation that Yee used to craft many of her other sweet treats.

Matcha Crêpe Cake

Looking for a dessert that combines two of your favorite sweet treats into one? This crepe cake will rock your world with its irresistible taste and vibrant green color.

Matcha Mousse Cake

If you’re a huge fan of mousse cakes, you have to try Yee’s colorful take on the classic recipe that simply wouldn’t be the same without matcha powder.

Matcha & White Chocolate Cake

Magical things happen when Yee combines matcha powder with other tasty ingredients, and this white chocolate cake with traces of matcha is a case in point.

Matcha Tea Cakes

Miniature versions of Yee’s cakes are always on point, and these ones are a perfect sweet treat to serve with your morning cup of tea.