Mei Yee’s Madeleines Are As Picture-Perfect As It Gets

If you’re looking for a vegan Instagram page that’s constantly sharing recipes for picture-perfect desserts, it’s time you’ve learned Mei Yee’s name. Madeleines are one of her specialties, and here are some of the best recipes for this classic French dessert that she shared with the world.

Matcha Madeleines

Matcha desserts are one of the staples of Yee’s Instagram page, and these ones owe their vibrant color to Suncore Food’s matcha powder.

Coconut Caramel Madeleines

Yee decorated these madeleines with matcha powder, as well, but you shouldn’t confuse them with the first ones. She used coconut caramel filling this time around to make them even more delicious.

Lemon Madeleines

Yee often uses blue spirlulina powder to give her desserts a vibrant blue color and she mixed it up with some white chocolate when making these lemon madeleines.

Vegan Mini Madeleines

If pink happens to be your favorite color, these madeleines are just the thing you need! They are coated with purple sweet potato and ebony carrot glaze, and look truly amazing, inside and out.

Pumpkin & Yam Madeleines

Yee has madeleines for every season, and if fall and winter happen to be your favorites, make sure to try these pumpkin madeleines, coated with sweet potato yam powder.