Natasha Bull’s Warm Casseroles Are Just the Thing You Need This Winter

If you’re looking for a delicious dish to warm you up on a cold winter day, it doesn’t get much better than a casserole. Natasha Bull of Salt & Lavender is a true master at making them, and here are some of the best casserole recipes you can find on her food blog.

Broccoli Casserole

If you’re looking for a recipe that will make your family fall in love with broccoli, this one will do the trick. Bull’s broccoli casserole puts this healthy veggie front and center and combines it with a long list of tasty ingredients.

Green Bean Casserole

This casserole is one of the most popular Thanksgiving dishes, but you don’t have to wait around for the holidays to make it. Beans, mushrooms, and garlic give Bull’s green bean casserole an irresistible taste, and you should make it a staple of your family dinner this winter.

Taco Casserole

If taco and casserole happen to be two of your favorite dishes, how about combining them into one? That’s exactly the idea behind this recipe, and it’s truly the best of both worlds.

Ground Beef Casserole

One of the best things about casseroles is that you can make them in no time. This one is super-easy to throw together and you just need some pasta, ground beef, and cheddar cheese to get it done.