Newcastle Man Crafts Art from Babybel Cheese Wax Wrappers

Image by @kezzlebob / Instagram

32-year-old Newcastle, England resident Mitchell McLanaghan has an interesting hobby he’s honed over the past two decades: crafting art and mini sculptures from the leftover wax that encases the famously red Babybel cheese circles.

McLanaghan focuses on crafting famous pop cultural figures on the big and small screen, and has included subjects from The Lord of the Rings and Wallace and Gromit, among others, in his art.

McLanaghan’s sister explained to a newspaper that her brother is very high on the spectrum of autism, which may at least partially explain his unique interest and also dedicated work to this somewhat strange art form. She also added, importantly, that the cheese never goes to waste as the family consumes it almost daily. McLanaghan has enlisted friends and family to help donate their leftover wax wrappers to help him continue to hone and perfect his craft.