Once You Add a Microplane To Your Kitchen Arsenal, Everything Changes

Image via Didriks/Flickr

A microplane is basically a handheld small grater and boy does it do wonders in the kitchen! Get yourself one and check it out.


Garlic is something that really should go into almost everything savory that you cooked. It just brings a depth of flavor that you really can’t get from anywhere else. However, chopping garlic can get really annoying and slow down the cooking process. Instead, why not microplane it right into your pan! This is a great time-saver, and it also makes it easier to use garlic raw in things like dressing and cold sauces for noodles!


Ginger is another essential ingredient when it comes to Asian-style cooking, but no one wants a big chunk of ginger in their food. Instead, use the microplane to break it up so it can add the flavor it needs to without an unpleasant texture.


The zest of citrus is almost better than the juice itself because it provides a really powerful citrus taste without adding any extra liquid. However, if you get any of the white pith, it’ll be really bitter. So, the best way to avoid that is by microplaning! A microplane can make sure you only get the colorful part of the zest easily.