Poco Loco: Home of Thessaloniki’s Most Instagrammable Desserts

Thessaloniki is home to countless bakeries and pastry shops filled with delicious and picture-perfect desserts, but none of them is more colorful and Instagram-friendly than Poco Loco.

You won’t struggle to find this vibrant dessert spot during your visit to the second-largest city in Greece since it’s located in its very heart. It’s situated only five minutes away from Aristotelous Square and in close proximity to bustling Tsimski street, filled with the city’s biggest fashion stores.

Poco Loco is best known for their hot chocolate with a donut on top, but if you think this is the only extravagant thing you can order here – think again. The rest of the items on their menu are equally over the top, especially if you end up celebrating a birthday at their café.

Their donut and candy-filled “cakes” have to be seen to be believed, and you must have huge cravings for sweets to fully enjoy them. Even if that’s not the case, Poco Loco is still one of Thessaloniki must-see spots, and visitors can’t resist taking photos with their colorful desserts in front of their signature flower-covered wall.