Say Goodbye to Bad Avos!

Photo by Alina Karpenko on Unsplash

Nothing is worse than longing to launch into a delicious avocado, only to open it and discover it has gone bad.

Okay, there are worse things. But very few!

Thankfully, thanks to new technology, the days of bad avos may be behind us. Hurrah!

A start-up based in California called Apeel has designed a super-thin protective coating for your precious fruit that reduces the rate at which they lose water and absorb oxygen, causing them to transition from green and ripe to murky and not very nice.

According to the company, the coating is created from the discarded peels of other fruit and vegetables, making it edible.

They also claim that it can increase the shelf-life of avocados up to 400%.

So far, the technology has been used on the avocados in Kroger stores which number 1,100 across the United States.

Guacamole and avo toast for all!