Shake Shack Unveils New Winter Milkshakes

Winter is usually the time when we turn to hot beverages, but that doesn’t mean we’ll pass on the opportunity to get a milkshake or two from Shake Shack; especially now that the popular fast-food chain added new winter milkshakes to its menu.

Shake Shack recently took to social media to unveil two new winter-themed milkshake flavors:  the Tiramisu Shake and the Dreamsicle Shake.

“Shakes in winter? Don’t mind if we do,” wrote Shake Shack on Twitter.

The Tiramisu Shake is made from standard vanilla custard infused with coffee and mascarpone. It is topped with whipped cream, which is then dusted with cocoa powder. As a finishing touch, the customer also gets a ladyfinger cookie in their milkshake. This is a modified version of Shake Shack’s tiramisu milkshake that was available in 2019.

The Dreamsicle Shake was apparently inspired by the classic orange cream ice cream and features a blend of blood orange custard and vanilla custard. It is also topped with whipped cream and garnished with orange candy chunks.

Both the Tiramisu Shake and the Dreamsicle Shake are already available in Shake Shacks across the nation. They are here for a limited time only, so make sure to give them a try while you can.