Spaghetti is Germany’s Weirdest Dessert

Photo by Sebastian Holgado on Unsplash

Have you ever seen or heard about a strange German dessert called “Spaghettieis” before?

If not, prepare to laugh. This delicacy in Germany’s name refers to Italian pasta, it’s true, but this dessert doesn’t have any noodles or pasta sauce. So, why does it have this name?

It turns out that the Germans have invented a dessert which has the shape and appearance of a pasta dish but not the ingredients or flavors of one. Created by an Italian immigrant in the city of Mannheim in the 1960s, ice cream is given a spaghetti-like form and is then topped with strawberry sauce and other various toppings to give it the appearance of a simple plate of pasta.

First, vanilla ice cream is pushed through a pasta press or a potato ricer in order to give it the appearance of spaghetti. After this, it goes into a bowl and is then topped with strawberry sauce, which looks like tomato sauce.

After this, creativity takes over. As some pastas are topped with parmesan cheese, Spaghettieis makers have chosen ingredients such as coconut flakes, shaved white chocolate, or grated almonds to give the dessert a parmesan-like component. Other people add chocolate truffles that look like meatballs!

Spaghettieis is fun, creative, and downright weird. If you ever find yourself in Germany, be sure to try it!