Sweetest Cookie Instagrams To Check Out

Photo: thepaintedpastry/Instagram

Everyone loves following Insta accounts that share desserts. It doesn’t really matter if it’s ice cream, cakes, or muffins. On today’s agenda, we wanted to sweeten up your day with the coolest cookie Instagrams to follow. Prepare for some serious drooling.


Amber Spiegel has an astonishing number of 1.1 million followers. If that doesn’t convince you to check out this cookies Insta account, I don’t know what will. Spiegel is a cookie specialist and shares the most incredible shots together with short tutorials on how to decorate.


Patti Paige is the self-proclaimed “royal (icing) queen”. This cookie guru will transform any shape that you can think of into a delicious treat. Her @bakedideas is one of the coolest cookie Instagrams followed by more than 138k people.


Mary is the genius behind @emmas_sweets, who is also booked until September. Can you even imagine eating these delicious desserts? Don’t they look too good to be true? Feast your eyes on the amazing creations by the Canadian artist by visiting this account.


Aime Pope started baking cookies completely by accident. Her successful business today has over 115k followers on Instagram. Not bad for an accidental carreer.

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