Tasty Beverages You Should Try If You Love Hot Chocolate

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Photo by Giancarlo Duarte on Unsplash

Hot chocolate is never going out of style, but there are many other delicious drinks you should try if you love its taste. If you’re looking for tasty beverages that have a similar taste to hot chocolate but offer something new and a little bit healthier, here are some of the best alternatives.

Hazelnut Toddy

Hazelnut toddy is one of the best boozy substitutes for hot chocolate, and you can easily make it on your own. Mix up some hot milk or water with Frangelico liquor, or replace it with hazelnut syrup if you want to make it alcohol-free.


This traditional Mexican drink is made with cornflour, cinnamon, vanilla, and brown sugar. It’s incredibly delicious, and you can make it even more so by adding some spices such as nutmeg to the mix.


Speaking of the specialties of foreign cuisine, this traditional Dutch drink will suit your taste if you love hot chocolate. Also known as spiced milk, you can make it with hot milk, anise side, and sugar and honey used as a sweetener.

Lebanese White Coffee

Despite what the name of this drink suggests, it actually contains no coffee beans. It’s made with caffeine-free orange blossom water and sugar, and it’s one of the healthiest substitutes for hot chocolate on the market.