The Actual Best Way To Heat Up Pizza

Photo by Sama Hosseini on Unsplash

You might think that when it comes to pizza, things are about as simple as they come. However, there are certain scenarios in which the right way to do things aren’t exactly cut and dry. For instance, when you have leftover slices, there’s a major argument over the best way to reheat it. But we’re here to refute those claims and lay down the law. So without further ado, this is the best way to heat up pizza—in the microwave.

Microwaves tend to get a bad rap a lot of the time. For whatever reason, using the microwave to heat up anything often gets frowned upon as a “bad practice”, almost as if you’re cheating or doing something wrong. But this is far from the case, especially when it comes to leftover pizza.

One of the reasons people usually don’t like using the microwave to heat things up is because of the way it moistens food. This can be an unfortunate side effect for a lot of dishes, but this is actually a welcome gift when it comes to pizza that’s been in the fridge for a day.

When it comes to leftover pizza, it’s usually hard and annoying to chew. If you use the oven to heat it up, it might get a nice crisp, but it won’t fix the original problem. By using the microwave, it’ll taste (almost) as good as it was when it was fresh out of the box!