The Benefits of Whipping Your Own Cream

Whipped cream
Photo by Sara Cervera on Unsplash

Whipped cream is one of the yummiest toppings you can put on your food. Whether you’re topping a dessert, a drink, or eating it straight, it’s a delicious way to add some sweetness to your day. In many countries, whipped cream is available from a can, which is certainly convenient. But there are actually a lot of good reasons to ditch the can and whip that cream yourself.

Saving Money

Heavy cream is a great ingredient to have on hand in general, and a carton of it is by volume much cheaper than a can of already-whipped cream. If you have some in the house, you can simply portion out as much as you want and whip that much fresh, without buying both whipped cream and heavy cream.

More Control

The great thing about whipping your own cream is that you get to decide what it tastes like. Want it less sweet? You decide how much sugar or syrup to add. Want to flavor it for whatever you’re making? Add some spices or colors as needed. Want a softer whip to top a drink without the full peaks? Don’t whip it for as long. It’s up to you how your whipped cream tastes, looks, and feels.

Whisking Skills

Whipping cream is pretty easy-just use a big whisk and whip as quickly as possible for a minute or so. But you’ll find that as you do this more often, your whisking technique will build and you’ll get better at using a whisk in general. Alternatively, you can use an electric hand mixer, which will also help you learn to whisk eggs for meringues as well as other things.