The Best Matcha-Flavored Sweets for First-Timers to Try Out

Matcha green tea
Photo by Matcha & CO on Unsplash

Matcha, a strong powdered version of green tea that originated in Japan, is a very popular flavor around the world. It’s used to flavor not only beverages but also a wide range of sweets and candy in Japan—which you can usually find in your local East Asian food store. If you’ve been eager to try some matcha-flavored treats, here are some to start with.


Macarons come in tons of different flavors, which make it a great way to start with trying new something new. Matcha flavored macarons will give you a good sense of how green tea powder can work well in desserts.

Matcha KitKat

There are tons of different KitKat flavors, and one of the best is matcha flavored. It may sound a bit unusual, but this treat is a unique little snack and arguably even yummier than a classic KitKat.

Matcha Mochi

If you’re into Japanese or Asian sweets at all, then you probably have tried mochi—the soft, stretchy, chewy treat made from glutinous rice flour. It’s often filled with interesting flavorings like red bean paste, tarot paste, and of course, matcha. Matcha green tea is a classic mochi flavor. And if you haven’t tried mochi yet, then we recommend you trying matcha flavored.