The Strawberry Mille Feuille Is As Delicious As It Looks

Take your cooking creativity to a whole new level with this Mille Feuille recipe that not only looks amazing, but it’s also super-delicious.


For this recipe, you need:
500 ml milk
140 g caster sugar
60 g plain flour
100 ml lightly whipped fresh cream
4 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1 packet naturally thawed puff pastry
500 g strawberries
75 g icing sugar


For the Mille Feuille filling, you should combine the sugar and egg yolks until you get a mixture with bubbles. Add the flour and whisk together.

Boil the milk together with the vanilla extract, then mix it with the egg and sugar one.

Place the pan again on the stove while whisking the mixture for 3 to 5 minutes. Let it cool down on the side and you can combine it with the whipped cream. Leave it in the fridge.

For the pastry set the oven to 375 F degrees.

Get the puff pastry and cut it in two. Cut each half into 4 strips. Poke holes with a fork on each one, then place them in the oven. Bake them for 10 to 15 minutes.

Take the baking sheet out of the oven and dust them with icing sugar. You should caramelize the top of each pastry.

Start layering the Mille Feuille by adding from the custard filling on the first pastry, add sliced strawberries, and pastry again. Continue doing this with the remaining ingredients.