These Are the Best Cooking Shows on Netflix

"Salt Fat Acid Heat"

Do you have a Netflix account and love cooking and/or food? Well, if this is the case, and you’re looking for something to watch, this is for you.

Here are the four best cooking shows on Netflix that you can enjoy today!

Chef’s Table

Chef’s Table is a fascinating show that takes a look at some of the world’s top chefs. Every episode focuses on a world-renowned chef and tells his or her personal story and cooking philosophy. There are already six seasons out, so get to watching!

The Great British Bake Off

This show, produced by the BBC, is a Netflix darling. It features amateur chefs that compete against one another in baking competitions in order to be named the winner of an episode by a group of judges. It’s intense and a whole lot of fun!

The Mind of a Chef

This series, narrated and produced by the late Anthony Bourdain, was originally aired on PBS in the United States. It focuses on a certain theme for each episode and talks to chefs and experts in that field to learn more about certain cooking themes such as curry or strawberries.

Salt Fat Acid Heat

Female-oriented cooking shows are rare, but Salt Fat Acid Heat breaks the mold, focusing on Samin Nosrat, a former chef and current writer that takes a look at how these four elements of food contribute to the making of a great dish.