These are the Different Types of Salt You Should Know About

Salt is the most common food seasoning and it’s been around forever. Lately, we started wondering if there’s more to salt than that what’s in our common salt shakers, so here are the most common types of salt you should know about.

Table Salt

If you’ve never given salt a second guess, you’re probably using common table salt in your dishes. You can find it for cheap at any supermarket and you can find the iodized version of it just as easily.

Kosher Salt

Kosher salt has a lighter taste than table salt. It’s coarse-grained and perfect for making seasoning blends and spice rubs. If you’re replacing table salt with Kosher salt in the recipe, know that it’s half as salty for the same volume compared to table salt.

Sea Salt

Sea salt is basically made by evaporating seawater. There are many different varieties, depending on where it comes from. Sea salt comes in different forms and colors and can be enriched with minerals and algae.