These Beet Chips Are the Healthiest Snack Ever

It can be really hard to find easy recipes for healthy snacks. Enjoying chocolate, cookies, chips, puffs all the time is definitely not a good idea. These beet chips are healthy, simple and only require three ingredients.


These beet chips are literally the easiest snack you’ll ever make. You can use any type of beet that you prefer. For the recipe, you need to get 12 beets, 2 teaspoons celery salt and 1/2 cup olive oil. That’s it, only three simple ingredients.


The first step is to set the oven to preheat on 300 F degrees. You will need baking sheets, covered with parchment paper to place the beet chips on. Wash and peel the beets. A great idea is to mix several different types. Use a slicer to get very thin slices that look like actual chips. Once that’s done, you can get a large bowl and fill it with the slices. Add the olive oil and salt in the bowl and mix the chips very well. If you are using different beats, place them in separate plates. Let the slices in the bowls for 15 to 20 minutes. 

Remove all the liquid from them and you can now set them on the parchment paper. The recommended baking time is between 45 minutes and an hour. Check them out after 45 minutes and if you prefer them ultra-crisp, let the chips inside for extra 15 minutes.