These Fruits Taste Great in Salads

Are you tired of the same old salads with a leafy green vegetable topped with diced vegetables? Don’t be afraid to mix up your tastes and try using fruits in your next homemade salad! Here are some great fruits to experiment with as you start off your journey in the world of salads with fruit.

Granny Smith Apples

Granny Smith apples work fantastically in a salad because they don’t overwhelm the rest of the ingredients with sweetness. Tart and sour, these apples pair well with strong flavors like grilled steak and goat cheese.


We love to slice up strawberries and add them to our salads, especially in the summertime. We can’t get enough of the sweet flavor that they add to salads with ingredients such as spinach and feta cheese.

Mandarin Oranges

Don’t be afraid to put small slices of mandarin oranges into Asian-inspired salads. Avocado, rice noodles, and grilled chicken are three salad options that pair great with these little sweet beauties.